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Carkoon car seat
Carkoon car seat
Carkoon car seat

Carkoon® by Julian Preston-Powers - The ultimate in-car baby seat protection

"The Carkoon® by Julian Preston-Powers is a Next Generation safety seat that will be £499 - about the price of an iPad or designer handbag - just with far greater benefit".

"Essentially then, if a mother's baby dies due to lack of protection in an inferior car seat whilst she has an iPad in a designer handbag on the front seat, the point of cost vs. value would have been poignantly, although sadly, made. What price a life?"

We take safety seriously here at Carkoon®, that’s why we’re in the process of developing a child car seat that will actively save lives.

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Carkoon® is a rear-facing car seat designed to be among the safest on the market – The ultimate in-car baby seat protection. Last year in Great Britain the country saw the death of 55 children in reported road casualties and 2,447 seriously injured. Using a good quality child car seat and ensuring it is correctly installed is just one of the protective measures you can take as a parent.

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